inhereyesifall (inhereyesifall) wrote,

umm...experimentation <3 --free writinggg

"Capillary Refill"( or "A Writer's Promise") running into "Always"

a burst of emotion
an inspiration to write...

and then nothing.

and i would wear
strings on my fingers

to remind myself

that i still live.

the red pulsing
in time with the heart 

my heart's in time
with yours.


at the end of day
in the middle of night
when all but nothing's
going right

i curl up to your kindness
and relax in your embrace
run my fingers through your hair
and kiss that pretty face

thank you for the faith
you so effortlessly bring
thank you for being
my favorite kind of string

to be held up on
and danced around
i've got the sky
who needs the ground?

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