inhereyesifall (inhereyesifall) wrote,
inhereyesifall easy to end this

it would be so easy to end this

( i think i just might)

but there'd be no coming back 
what would i be coming back to?
i don't make up for all i lack

( can't do this anymore)

the pain builds up and up
until it hurts to function normally
can't you understand?
can't you see

(how hard i've had to fight?)

how my world is self-destructing
and 5 seconds aren't even up
i tripped on the broken promise
i spilled the cup that you had poured for me
so faithfully, so delicate
call off the dogs
call off the bets that i will be okay
and make it through this darker day
just let me slip away into the night
i'd really like to give up on this fight

( i know, i'm such a bore)

i'll be 25 in december
and i can't fix the things i've broken
at the same time, i can't fix the things
people broke, words jumbled or unspoken

( when i was little, i'd look down and wonder
if the reflection was really a different world)

i can only avoid your eyes
and try not to project my pain
you don't deserve a single moment
of the knowledge i'm insane

( i long to dissapear
into that one,sleeping and curled)

so easy just to end it
can't see another way
i love you to the bones and more
i'll always remain...i'll always stay inside your memory
warm and safe and free
'cause in this world, me and you were
never really meant to be...

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