inhereyesifall (inhereyesifall) wrote,

B+!!! in the class!!!

The class is done!!


i totally still got a B+

i condensed 11 pages into a page and a half of information
i knew like more than half the class. lol. grrr

she said i needed to slow down and annunciate ( when i try to, i stutter) my words like whoa, and i think i went a little over 5 minutes...but she's still giving me the b+

so woot!

such a relief.
as i was working on it till 1in the freikin morning this morning, and was up at 7.
i thought i'd be exhausted, but i'm wired. exhaustion will conveniently come when i have an hour practice with my study-buddy. ( and then more with Kat later)

i think i'm gonna go get some breakfast and work on my theatre paper and then take a nap.
i haven't eaten since yestarday afternoon, so i guess i'll have breakfast/lunch lol

laters ya'll...


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