inhereyesifall (inhereyesifall) wrote,


shake stars loose
and break these walls
i'm gonna need
the light that falls
crack this sky
let the lies fall down 
turning into dust
before the ground

Don't make a wish on one of those
it only leaves a bad
taste in your mouth, false faith in your heart
i can't hide the fact that i'm too sad

hold me through this night
cause i don't wanna fight
the regret that haunts my dreams
wrap me up in you
cause you're the thing that's true
you're the one to sew these splitting seams

i'm at the end of my rope
and i'm screaming and i'm crying
but what no one sees
is just how hard i'm trying 

not to get to this point right here
not to give into fear
so turn away as i try to fake this smile
if you'd just come back
i swear that it would be
truer  than it's been in quite a while

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