inhereyesifall (inhereyesifall) wrote,


sooo yah...
i'm trying to leave tonight...
since im only getting like 80 or so...
i don't wanna spend 70 on a train, and be stuck with 10.00 to  my name..

so i have to leave tonight...laate...and then kill an hour or so and get car service to some @ss end of rochester...lovely...

im so pissed..
my sister isn't on and i could have asked her friend who goes to SUNY Albany for a ride...

grr =/
and the number i just called to ask if this place has a place to wait, safely . ( i mean for chrissakes it's rochester...) was busy.

and tryin gto get in touch with friends atm...

upd8 if i can later..>

today already includes.

* lunch
* money wiring place
* oak orchard(?)

all i can say is thank god i did dishes the other night! woot. its not as messy..


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